You are welcome to observe most of our classes as often as you would like.
Check out our schedule and fill in the form with the date(-s) and name(-s) of the class(-es)
you wish to observe and we will get back to you confirming your visit to our studio.
NB: It is free to observe.

These are professional classes where focusing is essential.
As we devote the class time to the actors attending, we kindly ask our observers to keep
their questions and comments for the break or for the start or end of the class when
we would be happy to converse with them.

Note: The Meisner Technique uses very specific terms and guidelines that, unless you have
already been training in this technique you cannot really understand as this « vernacular »
(Matching the Energy, Tools, Knock-on-the-door, independent Activity, Sense of Urgency,
Standard of Perfection, Living Root, etc.) are explained and developed throughout the training.

So remember that what you will see are actors who have started the training and, as a result
they now express themselves emotionally and behaviourally more than when they began.

Looking forward to welcoming you in our studio.