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Meisner Technique Full Course

200 hours in total -Monday to Friday, one week per month over a 10 month period- to nurture &
deepen your ability to live truthfully under the given imaginary circumstances: With the help of
specific exercises (Repetition, Independent Activity, Knock-on-the-Door, Improvisations, Text
Analysis, etc...) you will be introduced step by step to the key elements of dramatic structure so
you acquire a practical way to confidently "do the job" without relying on chance by being able
to approach & boil down any dramatic text to create a complex and layered actable illusion of
a character in line with the writer's and director's intentions using your unique sense of truth.

Acting, whether the media (theatre, TV, or film), whether the style (classical, contemporary, tragedy
or comedy), is about acknowledging the complexity of human nature and studying in depth to
portray it with respect. This is not an "ongoing" or "open ended" course but a precise step by
step process aimed at actors who are serious, passionate and dedicated to the craft of acting.
By enrolling, you commit to do the Full Course until its completion. Before making a deeper time
& financial commitment we recommend you take our Meisner Technique Introduction Week
so you know what the work is about and if it interests you. 

This training is based on work and not on "talent" because if we are all born talented, it is
nevertheless not enough to develop your creative potential into a profession supported by
an efficient and no fuss craft.

If this is what you want to do with your life we will take you seriously because we share
the same passion. 

2 options:
• Morning classes: 10:00 to 14:00
• Evening classes: 18:00 to 22:00 

Each course is limited to 12 actors.  
Cost: €2500 (200 hours over 10 months). A €500 deposit is required to confirm your place
one month prior to the actual start of the course at the latest. 
NB: Actors who completed the Introduction to the Meisner Technique with us can benefit
from easy terms of payment:
• 10% discount by paying full amount upfront: €2250 in total.
• monthly instalments of €200 for ten months.
By enrolling, you are liable to pay the full amount.
No exceptions and no refunds unless the course is cancelled. 

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