Welcome to Momentum Acting Studio

We chose to ground our teaching following the nuts & bolts of the Meisner Technique
for its practical and efficient step by step structure, coupled with complementary
specific aspects of other post stanislavskian techniques facilitating the imaginative
exploration, the emotional freedom and physiological awareness.

Our job is to empower each actor specifically, helping them reveal their unique
emotional, imaginative, behavioural and creative potential. Our aim is to guide actors
so they can become independent, honing a technique they can rely on and fall back on
when required. Our training is based on work, not talent.
The studio provides a secure professional environment for you to keep developing your
craft, exploring underused facets of your instrument and taking risks outside of
commercial pressures so you are ready and know how to give the required result on
demand when on the job. Professionals cannot rely on talent, gift nor magic but on a
precise work and regular practice.

Momentum Acting Studio is the only studio in Ireland to provide a full training grounded
in the Meisner Technique.